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MCL Education Services

Passionate about creating motivated, confident learners. 

At MCL Education Services we work with parents and carers to support children through their education journey. We strongly believe that if children are motivated and confident to learn then they will progress and succeed.

The idea for MCL Education Services formed after I was asked to run the National Tutoring Program at my current school. I am an experienced and fully qualified primary and secondary school teacher with a Masters in Education. I moved from teaching in secondary schools after the birth of my first child and have remained a part-time primary school teacher in St Albans since then. While working in my current job, teaching Year 5 part-time, my headteacher asked me if I would like to organise and run the school’s tutoring program and I jumped at the chance. Implementing the tutoring program over the last 2 years, has enabled me to work with smaller groups and have a much faster impact on the progress of the children I work with. This has been incredibly motivating for them and me and since then I have been asked to tutor a variety of children with different educational aims.

Therefore, MCL Education Services has been created to work with individual students or groups but never more than 6 children at a time. We also focus on improvement without pressure, we want students to want to learn and then believe after that, the progress will naturally follow. We offer a range of services, all with different educational aims, whether that be to enjoy writing more, honing National Curriculum skills or getting ready for SATs or the 11+. Have a look at our tutoring or group classes page to see what you think would be the right fit for you. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss different options.

The children are at the heart of what we do. Therefore whether you are signing up for

1-2-1 tutoring or a group session will we ask all parents and carers to complete an induction form which allows us to understand your aims of the course before we start and if there is anything you would like to focus on. We are also happy to do this over the phone if you prefer or have something particular you would like to discuss.

Fully insured, CRB checked and paediatric first aid trained. 





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